Sunday, December 2, 2012

Lei da sharia no Egipto e Pedofilia Constitucionalmente Legalizada

Via Vlad Tepes Weblog:

  "Unlike the former constitution-which respects international agreements regarding the rights of Women and Children–the new constitution provides no minimum age limit for marriage, effectively legalizing pedophilia on a grand scale. Under the vision of the devout brotherhood and salafists Egyptian Muslim men can marry nine-year-old girls legally in accordance with traditionally accepted Sharia Law. The new Islamist constitution has legalized pedophilia.
 Further, clear prohibitions against slavery in the former constitution have been removed. In fact, slavery is a Sharia-approved Islamic principle, and it can now be legally reinstituted possessing a threat to the minority non-muslims. Additionally, the draft does not include a clear ban on human trafficking or an obligation to adhere to international rights treaties. It seems the nostalgic dream of Sharia Law is very different for many Egyptians than the rather ugly reality. The thought that Egypt could become another Sudan, Saudi Arabia, Iran, Taliban, or northern Mali has shocked the Egyptian people who forced Mubarak to step down. Revolt against the Islamists has become a matter of life and death for Egyptians."

Deixem-me rir: Islamofobia!? ha! ha! ha!